Q. Where can I see Pancake Mountain?

For now we are only available on the web, but hopefully that will be changing soon!

Q. How does my band get on the show?

A. Send us an email, or send your info to:

Pancake Mountain
1473 Allison Ave.
Los Angeles CA 90026
Attn: Dan

Q. What is Pancake Mountain all about?

Explore the website, and maybe you will find out.  If you do, could you please let us know?? (This might help a bit.)

Q. Where does PM have Dance parties and how can I be part of one?

All over the place! If you want to know where we are getting our groove on, become a fan on our Facebook page, along with joining our mailing list.

Q. What ages are welcome at the Dance Parties?

Anyone from 5 to 50 (actually older then 50 is fine, it just sounds cool to say it that way) as long as you plan on dancing. These are not concerts. We want everyone to have fun but we're also working - filming for the next episode - and we need kids that will be enthusiastic and outgoing on camera. Fun Fun Fun! Dancing feet! Cool threads - dress to impress!

Q. Are Dance Parties really that loud?

Yes, sometimes they are THAT loud. It depends on the location and the band. Plus we are all up on stage right next to the band... and the speakers and the amps and the oontz oontz oontz. To be on the safe side BRING EAR PLUGS! This is why it isn't a good idea for really young children (under 5) to participate.

Q. Wait - I'm on camera? I might be on the next DVD? Or on a video clip on the internet?

Yes. If you participate in a Dance Party you are giving permission for us to film you for the show.

Q. Where can I buy the DVD's?

You can purchase the DVD's from:

Q. Why can't I find a video clip on the web site? It was there last week!

We rotate the online video clips from time to time so that we can focus on the news ones while bringing back favorites. If there is a particular clip that you love you should check out the DVD where you can see the entire video instead of just the little teaser we post online. But never fear, it will eventually return to the web as the video clips are cycled through their rotation.

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