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Like what we do? So do we. Unfortunately, it's difficult to make a living doing it.

We here at Pancake Mountain rely entirely on a small number of dedicated souls willing to exchange their brilliant skills and creative talents for low pay and no benefits. And in this day and age, that's just not enough to keep anyone going for very long.

We feel our show is much needed in today’s society and we get plenty of confirmation from the likes of CNN, The Washington Post, NPR, and many more.

But accolades alone do not pay the bills: Money does. And if you want to, you can contribute some directly to our amazing show.

Here's our thought: Like what we do? Send us $10. It's a small contribution that can add up to something amazing if enough people take part. It's like a tiny little grant-making program that you can be the most important part of. Every time we accrue enough in the Pancake fund, we'll use it to pay an animator or camera person what they're worth. By donating, you provide support for what we already do, free web cast and free dance parties.

And what will you get it out of it? Even higher quality shows (hopefully).

Thanks for the support.

The PM Team.


Have a cool skill like nunchaku or drawing unicorns, and want to help on the production of the show? Then let us know a little bit about you at Igottheskills@pancakemountain.com


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