We're back!

Hello Friends!

It’s me, your ol’ pal Rufus Leaking from Pancake Mountain. How have I been? Funny you should ask. I have spent the past 2 years enjoying early retirement, basking on the white sand beaches of French Polynesia.

It’s a simple life that consists mainly of morning Mai Tais, followed by a deep tissue massage and the occasional round of golf on my resort’s private championship course. Ridiculous as it may seem, even an industry superstar like me is expected to pay for such amenities. Yeah, I know. Nobody was more surprised than I was, but you know how resourceful I am, so I have designed a meticulous program to work off my bill. It’ll all work out just fine.


So, remember a couple of years ago when I sent you a heartfelt thank you, indicating that Pancake Mountain would no longer be making new episodes? Remember that? Well... ummmm… hah, hah… Pancake Mountain is back, baby, with a brand new show to thrill and entertain a new generation of young go-getters with all the wondrous, nonsensical, shenanigans that you loved in years past, wrapped in a brand new package.  Initially I thought, “Hey, good for them! I hope they do well without me.” But after perusing my contract, it has become apparent that I am in this up to my furry eyelids. So your pal, your buddy, your esteemed effendi Rufus R. Leaking is bringing back the magic, come heck or high tide, and nothing would make the transition back to superstardom more enjoyable than working with talented folks like you again.

We (read:me) at Pancake Mountain would like to officially invite you to join in the fun again.  It’ll be just like old times (except with better lights and a somewhat nicer camera) creating spectacular sketches, unforgettable songs, and just-on-the-verge-of-subversive learning into which young minds can sink their growing teeth. Plus, there will be the rare opportunity to play and duet with the world’s foremost crooner, yours truly.  Can life get any more awesome? I submit that it cannot. 

So please let your hair down and join us for a guaranteed, memorable good time. I can bore you with a laundry list of the nearly 200 artists that have already become friends of PM with their incredible contributions to the show, but I charge by the word, and they claim I don’t have the budget.  But that list is available should you desire to peruse it.

Hope to see you soon and that you’ll want to play a part in our silly little endeavor.

Yours in mayhem,

Rufus R. Leaking.






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